Saturday, April 26, 2008

my pizza poch kidz....

my kids are big fun of pizza poch at Pizza Hut...after a long way route inside the mall...after a very tiring walk...we ate....yuh! family's personal favorite part when going out...

here Andre stroke a pose as we arrived at the south wing of the mall...

the fresh air within the city was indeed naturally soothing!

here was the big fountain... well, i never got to take a shot while the water was high! but that was it! very nice and relaxing view...

and in this fountain where we got to throw a coin and whisper a wish! yuh, and the great thing is the coins gathered through this fountain has got to go to was afterall worthwhile indeed!

here we go as we enjoyed ourselves throwing coins!

i must say that intimate bonding with the family need not be too's the thought behind the bond that counts the most!


Chant said...

cutie kids you have there, now I'm missing my son(sigh)

vinkoy said...

hehe dagku naman diay na imong mga bugoy ven..

ulaw nako nimo ba.. sige ka adto sa akong site na walay update.. diri na pud adto kay mao pa ni akong gina atiman karon.. hehe

vinkoy said...

naa diay koy tag para nimo ven..


pirti pud ka lisud ani akong word verification karon oi..

Prily said...

nice bonding photos.great time!lovely,dear!

E-Tavasi said...

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Euroangel said...

sis musta na..long time no see sa blog hop ba..hope all is great with you and your family.
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